Tickets and access. Easy for everyone.

When asked by Anne Frank House to come up with a solution for the long queues at the ticket desk and the not fully functioning ticketing service used, a series of concept creation and (quick) prototyping workshops was born.

It soon became clear that Anne Frank House was looking for a flexible and well-functioning reservation system for both the individual visitors and (educational) groups. A system that must be future-oriented and make the right functionalities available via APIs to make it possible to offer ticket services through a variety of applications.

Workshop 1

Defining scope

  • Wishes and requirements
  • Which target groups or personas should the website focus on and what are the most important characteristics of these groups or personas?
  • What are Anne Frank House’s aims and ambitions with regards to online ticket sales?
  • The customer journey of the future
  • Prototyping Design brief

Workshop 2


  • Customer Journey
  • Converting userstory to functionality / use cases
  • Basis of the prototype
  • Offer / Interaction / Funnel(s) / Conversion

Optimization customer interaction

  • Putting the customer first
  • Combining brand, experience, and interaction in design


User focus

  • Be recognized as quickly as possible
  • Ticket selection clear at a glance
  • Fill in as little information as possible
  • Get a ticket quickly
  • No more queuing, direct access
  • Well informed entry
  • Opportunity for feedback for all
  • Sharing experiences

Instead of choosing one of the many existing ticketing platforms with all its dependencies and then investing heavily in it, Rapid Prototyping was used to work towards a proof of concept. In this way, every user flow could be analyzed without technical hindrance. This way the user more or less determined what should be made possible during further design and development sprints.

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