What’s in a name?

The 2015 name change from ‘E-ID internet strategies’ to ‘DearNova’ expresses the enormous development that the company has experienced in several areas up till then: From a system integrator to a company with a focus on customer interaction, a new organizational style based on Semco Style, and a completely revamped office building.

The name DearNova was chosen by the employees, all rebranded to “smart creatives” in the process, and is a composite of two words. “Dear” is a reference to the personal, a way you address a close acquaintance. “Nova” stands for the embrace of innovation. This is exactly the way we think customers want to be helped in the future: Personal and supported by the latest technology.

Co-creating Concepts

Listen. Surprise. Deliver.

The customer journey starts by listening carefully to you. I want to understand well what your long-term strategies and goals are. Then together with you I will go to work and come up with surprising concepts to improve your customer interaction and relation. Like no other I am able to execute these co-creating concepts in a short time to market. On-time and within budget.



  • Strategic proposition sessions
  • Facilitating name selection
  • Corporate identity development
  • Digital style guide
  • Digital presence
  • Co-creation web concept
  • Prototyping
  • Design sprints
  • Development MVP corporate website
  • Car sticker design

Continued development

  • Optimization customer interaction
  • Job offerings
  • Personalization returning visitors
  • Registration seminars with auto conformation
  • Automatic recognition and login for customers

DearNova was founded in 2000 under the name E-ID internet strategies. The company, still owned by founder Gerard van de Looi, has grown into an organization with over 70 professionals.

Since the proposition and name change in 2015, it has grown into a full-service partner focused on customer interaction where you can find services from strategy to execution.

Together with 1500 colleagues from more than 25 other companies, it recently became one brand: iO. Under this flag, which symbolizes ‘infinite opportunities’, they are taking an important next step in their growth story.

Together, we see infinite opportunities.

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