it's not all about how it looks,
it’s about how it works and feels...

It’s not all about how it looks, it’s about how it works and feels…

Why not use the creative techniques and idea generation of Service design to determine customer insights and business opportunities first?
The proven methodologies of disciplines like anthropology, social studies and ethnography combined with the mind spinning power of creativity, will give you a powerful instrument to accelerate your innovation process.

Working at the intersection of service design, product design and brand identity,  I’ve had the privilege of influencing services and products used and loved by millions. These include Adobe, Argos, Beiersdorf BDF, HSBC, KPN, Microsoft, PostNL, Rabobank, Strellson, Sony, Trend Micro and many more.

Today, besides being ‘the catalyst for positive change’ at Helvethics, I’m working as a Creative Director at Experius and an Artist. Before, I served as a Creative Director at DearNova.

Feel free to get in touch! Please reach out and I will get back to you swiftly.


Frederik Daamen